We produce objects in collaboration with a curated selection of emerging and established designers whose skill and affinity for working with wood matches the artistry and unique ambition of Sonian. Together, we produce one-off, limited edition and open edition pieces which showcase the potential of Sonian wood, as well as driving innovations with other new and exciting materials. Our dedication to the heritage of the Sonian Forest within these coveted collaborations paves the way for a contemporary design language rooted in sustainable connections with ecological legacies. 


Inspired by the vernacular design of a chair from the private collection of interior designer François Catroux. A playful appropriation of a simple recipe, the different iterations of the chair are based on the same recognisable design principle, but with slight variations in ingredients, making each outcome a unique experience.

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A chair in solid beechwood created by renowned interior designer Lionel Jadot. The name Inventaires hints at the backstory of this furniture piece, which was originally commissioned in 1987 by French playwright Philippe Myniana asked Jadot to create a unique chair for a production of his theatre play “Inventaires” in which three women relay their lives on stage within a minimalist scenography.

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A unique object designed by Corentin Mahieu in collaboration with Bento Architecture and Sonian. The tabletop of mycelium has grown on a wooden scaffolding, cultivated on a substrate formed from the waste wood material generated by its fabrication. The species of mycelium used for this object has been collected from the Sonian Forest where it grows naturally on local beechwood. The title of the piece refers to the stabilized state of the living mycelium: after explosive growth, it has entered into a state of calm. Accalmie has developed out of the fertile collaboration around the exhibition In Vivo for the Belgian Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2023. 

The table was part of the curated exhibition “Entangled Design: Beyond Wood” shown at the Collectible Design Fair in Brussels 7-10 March 2024.

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